Nicole is a beginning career artist who lives in the Orange County area of Southern California. She is currently fascinated with the four elements, and their relationship to us, as well as how they are connected to us, whether through the air we breathe, the various creatures and animals of the earth, the fire of our souls, and the water that sustains us. Her series work titled, “The Elements” consists of new paintings that mirror the spirit of nature itself. Nicole’s work inspires, enlightens, and brings a sense of mysticism to all who view it. Her style has been described as being “visionary, ethereal and otherworldly.”

Nicole first became interested in art when her mother suggested they take a college art class. Since then she has studied under the influence of teachers, Martin Facey and Adam Belt.

Nicole has showcased in RAW: Orange County, CA presents IMPACT on April 17th 2019

When Nicole isn’t painting she is spending time reading, listening to music, and playing with her dog Pualani.

“Art is the vehicle which I choose to express my raw emotions” – Nicole